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Red Sonja Process

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

This was for the inaugural "Emerging Artist Spotlight" started by the lovey and brilliant, Shannon Kingston. I was lucky enough to be chosen to kick off the spot in the first issue of the amazing first issue of Dynamite Comics' Red Sonja series written by Amy Chu and art by Carlos Gomez (2017).

Process of Making Red Sonja

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1) The Sketch. Really, any project the first step is research. But, when specifically discussing the art, we start with the sketch. This was more working out a feeling of toughness for the she devil with a sword. I didn't wanter her to be dainty.

2) From paper sketch, I go to a digital sketch or pencils. Here you can see, I didn't exactly like the leg placement of the original sketch. Keeping Red Sonja powerful but now a touch of regal. I often work in two colors via sketches one as a first pass, and another as a second or refinement.

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