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Once I gathered (more than) enough reference I began the sketching phase. The film is inspired by girl gang films of the 1960’s and 70’s. Looking to posters of the era for layout ideas, I sketch out various ideas with spot illustrations and vignettes of characters overlapped. All trying to showcase the cool and tough vibe of the ragtag team of female fighters. 

With a sketch selected we finalize placement of the figures and work out proportions and some minor likeness. I also layout some basic shape elements that I want to work for the background elements. Before we move on to paint, we do a number of color studies. Using the pop art and rainbow candy colors of the film’s visual themes I layout a number of ideas. 


Selecting the color palette, we lay down base colors (or flats) once the entire image is flatted we begin painting. Layering color building from darkest to lightest. Working strokes of the brush like sculpting trying to create form and likeness of the characters.

Working through each element on the characters, I rotate each pass until all characters are done. Moving on from the characters we flesh out the background elements and finalize text placement for the poster. With all elements finalized, we move to the staging for the various poster layouts for traditional poster formatting. Once the main formatting is laid out, I start to format the various other posters for the mix of Netflix media layouts. 


After the multiple and various layouts have been arranged and set we export them from their individual art boards by changing their file names. This was a wonderful and new feature I had learned while doing this assignment. After all the posters are exported out we mock them up in real life scenarios. In this case we mock up the images where you would find them. The Netflix screens would end up on computers and television, the poster ends up on our wall and for fun I mocked up a poster layout on a billboard (it might be my favorite). 

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